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Quality Commitment

At Luna + Saya, we are committed to providing not only beautiful pieces, but pieces that are of quality and will be made to last for years to come. Polymer clay earrings are on the rise. As they grow in popularity, we see it fit to educate our customers and new customers what differentiates our product and why we set our prices as such. 
There are many steps in ensuring a well-made earring. We design and test all our pieces to ensure durability prior to selling. When deciding to purchase polymer clay earrings, one of the most visible aspects of the earring is the surface.The first steps commence with what type of clay we choose to utilize in our work. From there it moves onto how we condition our clay to avoid trapping air bubbles that can later rise to the surface of the earring during the baking process. Unless textured, the surface should be very smooth and only a few surface bubbles. We personally will leave no more than 1-2 bubbles on the surface if any happen to rise during our baking process. This can happen with handmade items. Anything more than this, we do not sell. 
Once we have conditioned our clay, we move onto the types of cutters we purchase to ensure we have clean cuts on our jewelry. There are times where we will free-hand our design depending on the design, but many times we use cutters that are very sharp. There is a very precise way we place and remove our cutters from the clay. The goal is to touch the surface of the clay and the piece itself as least as possible.  From there, we move onto the baking process. 
One of the most crucial pieces of ensuring a durable earring is whether it was baked correctly. We have a very specific way we bake, from what we use to bake our pieces on, how long we bake for, and the temperatures we set. If under baked, the earring will be fragile and break. When baked properly, the earring should have a "bend" and be rather flexible. We demonstrate in the below photo the flexibility of our pieces. Please, we do not recommend you do this. It is to merely show you the durability of our work. 
Once baked, we move onto sanding each piece. They should should not only be smooth on the surface but also on the back. All of our pieces are carefully sanded to remove any rough edges which in turn leaves straight, clean lines on the front and back of our earrings. Some of our products contain glitter, powders, metallics, or hand painted work which require an additional coat of either varnish, wax, or resin and then buffing to seal. We do this to ensure the longevity of each handmade item. 
When our jewelry is ready for assembly, we utilize only stainless steel jump rings to piece together.
Lastly, we use a mixture of titanium and stainless steel posts for all of our earrings. The posts are double reinforced ensuring they will never come off.  If you have any sensitivities, these metals are great for your earlobes. 
We thank you for choosing to shop with us and know that you are investing in well-made earrings built to last for years. Enjoy!