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Luna & Saya is a handmade jewelry business created and  based out of Tucson, AZ.
Marina Cordova is the founder and designer behind the magical brand.

She began Luna & Saya as a means to express herself artistically and find fulfillment to her life. February of 2016 was when the idea commenced of having a business she could call her own.  She was going through a tough period at her full-time job. It had become very monotonous and she could not see herself doing something that kept her away from creating. She has always loved jewelry and knew she wanted to create unique and fun pieces. She took to YouTube for tutorials as she knew very little in relation to jewelry making. Through the plethora of videos, she stumbled upon one that had polymer clay. From there, she knew the sky was the limit to what could be created.  She played around with different styles until she fell in love with the modern and contemporary style you see in her jewelry now.

The business name, “Luna & Saya” has a very deep meaning that is dear to Marina's heart. The word “Luna” is Spanish for “moon.” It is also one of her last names. Luna being her mother’s maiden last name. Her mother has played such a vital role in developing her into the woman she is today and this was a way to honor her. In Marina's words, her mother is "an amazing soul and an absolute warrior." Growing up in a humble household, her mother taught her unconditional love was richer than any material possession. She taught her the most important values in life are to love, be humble, have compassion for others, and respect everyone. 

Marina is also very energetically connected to her spiritual side and that is where the other reason for choosing "Luna" came into play. Luna is an energetic and powerfully charged word as it represents the energies of the moon. Marina believes deeply in the power and energy the moon provides to all beings on earth. The moon is also symbolic of rebirth and change—this is seen throughout its eight phases. This represents room for continued growth and change in humanity as we are ever evolving.

The word “Saya” (pronounced SIE-YAH) was a word she found while searching for another name to help her define the purpose of her business. She stumbled on the word "Saya." Saya is a word that represents the emotions and values she seeks to portray in her everyday life, not only in her business. In Japanese, “Saya” is a symbol of peace. In Turkish, it means to be sincere and honest. In the Tagalog language, it means to have fun and be HAPPY! This was important for her as it portrayed all these beautiful meanings in a simple, four lettered word. This is why she chose these two names to be the driving force behind her business. 

As a first generation Mexican-American, Marina is very proud of her heritage and finds ways to honor her culture in her designs. She describes her culture as very "fun, loving, and bright!" 

The biggest motivator for Marina is to make her parents proud. As two people who came into this country in search of the American Dream, Marina wants to continue fulfilling that dream on their behalf. 

Marina believes that wearing jewelry is a powerful form of self-expression and self-love. The mission of her brand is to help you step into your power! She says that the right accessory can transform your mindset and mood leading you to live your best life!


In her own words, "may my jewelry be a reminder to reclaim the magic that lives within us all."